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Is anybody out there?
13.03.2019 by Will1234

Is anyone out there?

20.04.2019 _T('by') catdog55616

I am! I'm new here, and I don't know how to articulate my question about your question, so. I'm here, I suppose!

26.04.2019 _T('by') John_Smith

Me too. Just arrived and having a wander around. Scored 147 on test. Diagnosed Aspergers 9 years ago and reconfirmed recently along with several traits of Borderline Personality Disorder, fwiw.

27.04.2019 _T('by') Will1234

Finally people! I’m autistic with alexithymia too. We need to start a chat.

09.05.2019 _T('by') Alexithymic_User

I am here! I scored a 163 on the test, which is surprisingly high. I believed I wouldn't have Alexithymia, which I'm still unsure.

12.07.2019 _T('by') Tony_Sandy

Haven't done the test but think I am on the autistic spectrum (67, so too old to get an official diagnosis without paying for it and having the trait of not being able to hold down a job for long, only really been able to save money since I officially retired). I read a recent article on alexithymia and I thought yes that is me - perplexed by social conventions, hopeless in sexual relationships and wondering what the hell I am doing on this planet.

12.07.2019 _T('by') Tony_Sandy

Just done it 145

25.07.2019 _T('by') Will1234

I’ve not been on in a long time.
I’m an autistic with alexithymia too!

04.01.2020 _T('by') PowerWolf

Just did it, 170. I wonder what that means. I had to go back and make sure I wasn't "gaming" any questions.

10.02.2020 _T('by') User12327K97

I just found out about this today, and I'm not surprised. I got 151 on the test. Only recently did I also find out I have Aspergers, so this is all new to me. Cool to see other people here.

18.02.2020 _T('by') User34581G27

Just took the test today. Scored 116. It said it was high. Anybody else out there with depression or PTSD?

27.05.2021 _T('by') User34830M97

I'm here. My alexithymia score was 147. I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome (as it was called back in the day) in 1997. I only found this forum today, so I can't. blame you for being so uncertain.

29.05.2021 _T('by') User46528H57

I know I definitely used to have emotions, and i am most definitely able to read the emotions of others. I am always the one people seem to want to open up and talk to. I believe I learnt to numb myself because the feelings became too much and i couldnt live day to day and support myself financially.

I believe my mother had BPD and my father was an enabling covert narcissist, so i think due to trauma throughout my life, and repeating the abusive relationships as an adult I developed CPTSD and just shut down feelings. I can talk about my experiences with no problem, but there is no emotion attached to them anymore.. whereas I know there were times when they were too much to take. I scored 137 on the test, but i am not sure if this is solely trauma based ?