Alexithymie Questionnaire - Do I need some medication or consult a physician?

This online alexithymia questionnaire was developed in 2005 and overcomes some general shortcomings of other questionnaires like Bermond-Vorst or TAS-20.

Originally the questionnaire was done by Jason Thompson who intended to have a free alexithymia questionnaire available for the community.

This is the second version of the "Online Alexithymia Questionnaire" and we hope that it is useful for you.

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Do I need some medication or consult a physician?

This page and the test should just give you an indication and is no diagnosis in any way. Therefore it is your personal decision if you want to get some additional help or not.

Why this page?

A lot of people have the feeling they want to check about their emotional sensations and need a fast and simple way to test it. That is exactly what this page is about. Additionally it delivers a forum because communicating with others about this very personal things is very important.

Is this test for free and anonymous?

Yes, it is completely free and anonymous for everyone.

Is there some registration required?

No, there is no need for any kind of registration. If you want to discuss with others there is a forum where you can register. Still the forum is for free and anonymous.

Can I take the test for someone else?

Yes, you can try to take this test for someone else but be aware that it is very hard to know what people would answer for themselves. So take the results with caution.

Why some detailed questions about age and blood type?

We are asking about the age, sex and blood type for statistical reasons. It is not necessary to specify it but you would help us to create some interesting reports in the future.

Is Alexithymia an illness?

No, Alexithymia is considered to be a personality trait.