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Do you guys ever get caught by surprise by an emotion?
13.08.2018 by sary

for example if you see a kid falling on the street, and it was totally unexpected, do you laugh thinking it was funny? And how big would that laugh be: a tiny smile, a big smile, a laugh, an hysterical laugh maybe accompanied by tears?
I talked about a random kid, but even a practical joke could be funny, or something similar, so what would your reaction be?
How do you feel inside when you see something funny? Are you aware of your physical sensations while you smile or laugh? Or do you always fake joy if you think you need to?

Você me fez refletir
14.08.2018 by rosilande

Eu acabo fingindo algumas reações que acredito ser normal para os outros.
Seguindo o seu exemplo da criança caindo, eu não tenho reação imediata de rir ou ficar triste/preocupada, na verdade eu vejo a cena e antes de qualquer reação eu tento raciocinar o que deveria sentir, nunca havia pensado nisso, por que isso que estou relatando eu faço automáticamente, mas vejo as outras pessoas reagirem no ato.
As vezes tenho a sensação que eu busco na minha memoria reações vistas de outras pessoas em situação semelhante, como se estivesse tentado definir o que deveria sentir.

22.06.2020 by User25660N61

I laugh when people puke. I dont know why and it made people mad at me. I cant help it though. I dont find it funny but i laugh uncontrollably. Also one time making a speech in front of my class. Seeing my class sit there just looking at me with blank faces and concentrated faces. I saw a girl in the front row with eyes just open big and it made me laugh. Then next thing i know I cant stop laughing to the point I'm crying. It was wierd. I didnt feel sad or happy so it completely sucked.

06.09.2020 by Skye_

Yeah. Every once in a while I'll start laughing at something randomly. Sometimes is is something funny and it will be natural. But other times its at something either normal or serious and I won't be able to identify why I am laughing.
When I laugh there is never any restraint. I do not control laughter -- it comes when it comes, and its full and loud when it does.


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