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Do you try to understand your emotions as often as you can
13.08.2018 by sary

or do you spend your life not wanting to be aware of your emotions.
Have you ever tried meditation? Did it help getting in touch with your emotions? Do you meditate on a daily basis?
During a conversation do you find yourself looking for clues in your body, as to what you're feeling? How often do you do that?

Você me fez refletir
14.08.2018 by rosilande

Vivo desde que me conheço por gente tentando entender os meus sentimentos.
Faço um esforço quase que diariamente no sentido de tentar entender o que realmente sinto.
Você me fez refletir.

Understanding what?
15.09.2018 by Jute

Do I waste my time wondering about things that mean nothing to me? No.

Do blind people waste their time wondering what 'yellow' looks like? I sincerely doubt it.

12.02.2020 by FireNrain

I have never attempted to understand my emotions better until recently. However, I have also been using mild mind altering substances (alcohol and cannabis daily) to block out and numb any emotional backlash or personal confrontation with emotions. Im not 100% sure I have alexithymia yet, I've come here to understand the condition better.

I have tried meditation, but now that I am actively seeking to improve my emotional identity and sobriety, I may try a bit harder with a more serious attitude.

Simply sitting on the floor/outside and breathing is not meditation in my opinion. It is the equivalent of jogging after being out of shape for awhile. You will struggle at first, taking breaks frequently, questioning why on earth you made the choice to do it in the first place. But after dedication and practice, your jogging will become more consistant, natural, and effective. It is a learned practice after all, and should be treated as such.

The way I look for clues is through others' reactions. I constantly asses others' reactions and retorts to try to understand how to feel, express, and act upon emotion. I even go as far sometimes to directly inquire how they feel about certain things. As a child I used to provoke people in order to attempt to observe reactions. I still do this, but it is rare nowadays.

The fact I did this as a child seems to enforce the idea that drug use was just a coping mechanism for underlying factors. I do know for sure that I struggle with emotions, I hear it all the time. And I can agree with these statements as well.


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