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Is anyone proud to be an alex
16.08.2018 by Robotmanchild

I've noticed most people who are an alex are depressed or unhappy. I personally like being an Alex because I don't have to worrie about any emotions and I don't plan on any romantic or sexual relationships. I also take pride in being strong and calm during any difficult times. Does this make me an Alex. If so if there anyone else like me?

Having an answer is nice
22.08.2018 by aspergil

With no irony, I don't feel much either way about it.

For me, learning about Alexi suddenly made things click in my head. I've always assumed I was a sociopath/psychopath, but always had a hard time making that fit my experiences. Worse, it gave me no clear basis to make predictions or establish metrics for coping.

If anything, I think knowing I'm alexithymic makes me a bit more... humble. In some corner of my mind, I'm thankful I don't have money, power, or influence because villany is as likely for me as heroism, perhaps.

Not always terrible.
26.08.2018 by KingCreep

I find it to be empowering sometimes. When some people melt down. or have an episode and lose their shit, I can be cool as a fan. I feel like emotions can be very hampering, I'd rather be lacking in feeling than a sobbing mess. We might be technically slacking in an area, but ignorance is bliss sometimes.

Perhaps not proud of it, but pleased at the results?
08.09.2018 by Docster

Learning about Alexi was such an eye opener.

It is not "normal", but it is normal for me.

As an Alexi I have missed many social cues. But I think that I'm a more focused employee...

A better spouse, I missed any double entendre's that may have led to infidelity (I'm the guy who has the offer dawn on him the next day... Oh, that is what she meant).

I think I added calm to life with my children, if a bad event occurs, I can react with calm and logic.

I do not do illegal activities as they are just not logical.

I suppose this sounds boring to most, I find contentment in it...

Loves of my life...

People who matter to me!
Working out
Mechanical things (they are logical and can be understood)

I am not sure an Alexi, or at least this one, can be "proud"...

It is what it is

Proud of what?
15.09.2018 by Jute

I'm not proud of being Alexi but neither am I ashamed or embarrassed about it. I could say precisely the same thing about my eye colour, my height and the size of my penis. I'm proud of things that I've achieved, through my own effort. I didn't achieve being Alexi, I just am.

I'm proud
30.09.2018 by Hsingai

I'm proud to not let my emotions control me.

Proud of what? (2)
01.10.2018 by Jute

I'm proud to not let my emotions control me.

If you are able to control your emotions and it's a conscious decision "not to let them control your life" how is that alexithymia?

01.10.2018 by Hsingai

If you are able to control your emotions and it's a conscious decision "not to let them control your life" how is that alexithymia?Alexithymia is a personality construct characterized by the subclinical inability to identify and describe emotions in the self.

It takes conscious effort for me to identify my emotions and then it still an logical understanding of my emotions, I still don't feel them. and I'm still not able to describe them.

Why I'm proud
01.10.2018 by Hsingai

If you are able to control your emotions and it's a conscious decision "not to let them control your life" how is that alexithymia? I never said it was a conscious decision "not to let them control your life". It's being blessfully ignorant of your emotions so they have little sway on you. "I'm angry. So what? I'm not going to get upset by it."

25.09.2019 by User26983E79

l' alexithymie me permet de me concentrer Totalement, au début je me sentais à l'aise jusqu'à ce que je tombe amoureux, maintenant je suis gené de l'être car je ne peux pas le dire à la personne que j'aime

18.02.2020 by User46779I59

I feel proud of not feeling anything since childhood. However, I am now a teen and have trouble concentrating at school and other things I want to do, and I think it has something to do with not being able to feel anything emotions. Motivation is driven by emotions too, and I am not motivated to do anything. Lack of emotions still has its upsides, but I am unsure whether it is worth it to lost all my achievements that I am proud of to become a so called more logical person.

01.03.2020 by Liam_Moore

I have just come across this as I get problems in my relationship, I have never been attached emotionally can’t understand it, my dad used to hit my mum and then she died of cancer when I was 6, when I got told the news I was too embarrassed to cry at the age of 6, since then I grew up with my auntie and uncle and was never attached or close emotionally, now I’m 26 i struggle to even feel bad when people are sick or hurting, I can’t express my emotion as I try and be happy but it comes out Mona tone and no facial expressions.

The only thing what excites me is dogs and puppies, my girlfriend is on the opposite spectrum her mind is very open and emotional and she’s intellectuall she will want deep conversations and I find it hard and only say a few words. I’ve not been to the doctors as I’ve been travelling the world for 2 years and I still don’t have the happiness I should

22.06.2020 by Ruhamab

I can absolutely agree, I actually love being Alexi, while people are all caught up in their feelings I'm just chilling, I love how I make decisions based on facts and not emotion. My friends always come to me to talk about their problems aND in my head I'm like "damn these emotions really make people do dumb things" Honestly for me it's like a super power or a human update

22.06.2020 by User25660N61

I always like it. Even though i didnt realize i had Alexi. I thought it was awesome to not be scared of sh$$, being calm in a storm. Now though I wonder what i'm missing. I dont know which i would prefer because I'd have to have both experiences to choose, but i dont, i just have Alexi. It has its upsides but it also has downsides for me making life difficult at times with family. Now that I'm informed though gives me more peace or more acceptance of myself. So I do realize I am not normal or rather my brain is not operating in a normal matter and I cant help wonder who would I be and what I could accomplish if my brain was 100% in working manner. Would I be myself just stronger and more complete or would I be a completely mostly different person?


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