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Emotional person with alexythimia?
07.10.2018 by Ciprofloxacin

Hi, I'm 15 yo boy who studies at science based highschool. I noticed a few days ago that I may have autism. And I came across this disease. I made the questionnare and I got 129 points. I think I have definitely alexythimia. I spent my childhood in an extremely isolated way. When I was a baby and I was 7, I got moderate to serious blows to my head(My grandmom is really idiot btw. She always hit my head on the sides of the doors and when my mother noticed it, he intervened.). So, I don't surprised that why I have alexythimia. But I was also an extremely introverted person who dreamed of his own mind. I spent all my time with thinking. For emotions, or just for cope with my anxiety (freud's defence mechanisms). I love to be platonic. Even I could make relationships, I wouldn't want to make it because I don't think I will take that much pleasure from real world.
Musics were like checkpoints for me. I used to be live with they. I turned musics into emotion storages where I could turn around and feel when I wanted
I came a fantastic level on the self-consciousness. I was thinking I could be a psychologist rather than AI engineer.

Animes, musics, creepypastas, memes, my dreams, etc. In spite of these, I'm a completely stranger even to my family. I don't have any friends. I couldn't communicate with any people long or short term in games, forums, or real life.

So, Were all they just a illusion? Maybe I was just try to close the gap. Now, I have got PSSD unfortunately. This is a another story. I got permanent GABA overstimulation from antidepressants and it don't have a cure yet. Anyway. Sorry for grammar, I can't concentrate to anything. Cheers.

07.10.2018 by Jute

I noticed a few days ago that I may have autism.

Can I ask why, if you are fifteen years old you only noticed 'a few days ago' that you might have autism? Autism is a developmental condition that is present from birth and these days it's generally diagnosed in early childhood. You're in high school and presumably you've been in education for around ten years now, hasn't anyone picked up on your possible autism? By now, your autistic attributes should have been noticed by somebody and you should have been referred for a diagnosis.

Online tests are not considered as proof of anything by professional clinicians but they are helpful, in that they can provide you with an insight into yourself. You mentioned taking the Alexithymia test but have you taken an online Autism Quotient Test? You can take it here...

08.10.2018 by Ciprofloxacin

No, Anyone was not suspicious that I have something strange affecting me. I’m still just an asocial according to my family. I got 33 points in this test too.

Talk to someone
08.10.2018 by Jute

That's my advise. Talk to your parents, your teacher, a school psychologist or your family doctor, which ever you find easiest to discuss the matter with. Tell them that you suspect that you are on the autistic spectrum. It might help if you print out online test results that support your assertion. Tell whoever you speak to that you'd like to be assessed to find out if you are autistic or not. At you age it matters. If it turns out that your are autistic then you've already missed out on ten years worth of possible support at school but if you do get officially diagnosed as autistic you may be able to access help at college or when you eventually get a job.

I don't know which country you live in and the diagnosis process differs from country to country. In Britain you can find details about seeking a diagnosis here...

If you are from the USDA or elsewhere there are online forums, that may provide information about getting a diagnosis, such as...


Be aware thought that at your age many non autistic teenagers feel isolated, friendless, friendless and withdrawn. It's frequently a byproduct of the changes produced by puberty. Those changes are much more wide ranging than growing a few hairs here and there, they deeply effect the way that your mind works, the way that you think and the way that you view both yourself and the world around you.