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13.11.2018 by ChadY

Anyone else constantly run simulations in your head of what reaction people have to possible words you could say?

13.11.2018 by Jute

No. The only things that run occasional in my head are conversations and interactions that I've had with people in teh past, when I wonder why I didn't react or say something differently than I did at the time.

29.12.2018 by oalineo

I do.
I often think of all the ways people could react to the things I will say or do...

05.02.2019 by Robson_Lima

I do it all the time, either to practice for future interactions or to improve for the future. Can't say for sure how much it works since I've been dealing only with family recently and family I kinda go on autopilot since I've figured out their patterns for the most part

06.03.2019 by Peej

I did this a lot in school and university. Sometimes I just don't know how to react in some social situations, and other times I can be quite witty when I'm comfortable. But mostly, especially with one-on-one interactions that I know I'll have in the future, my body/mind will involuntarily go to that future moment and work out all the possible outcomes or possible questions and answers to be said. I'll even try to whip up clever responses to possible questions.. but I try to not cling to the specific answers as the questions in rl usually aren't said quite as I imagined. And that would lead to me standing there, wide-eyed, not knowing how to proceed (thank god for texting and google!) And some times in thisnincoluntary time warp, I've realized I get stuck in this imaginary state while time in rl is passing me by, and I am once more late for work ?

06.03.2019 by Will1234

Yes all the time, even for simple yes and no questions I’ll simply run through every scenario inside my head.

22.06.2020 by User25660N61

Yes constantly. This is almost what makes up all of my free time. This is my "daydreams".

24.06.2020 by noemotionsfoundhere

yes, definitely, i never know what to say in a real conversation, so i dwell on it in my head.


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