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16.03.2019 by User11481L92

Hello everyone,

I've joined this forum after reading about alexithymia and, even though I haven't been diagnosed with it, I suspect that it might apply to my case. On this site I scored a 165.

I'm 29 years old, I live in Italy and work in the chemical field. During my years at university, I underwent cognitive-behavioral therapy for some anxiety-related issues, which included insomnia and occasional panic attacks. The therapy focused on obsessive-compulsive tendencies which I am now able to handle much better; however I've always had (and currently still have) trouble identifying the warning signals of anxiety, often being overwhelmed by it once it becomes too heavy.

As a child, I would be the neat, bookish one. I was bullied during elementary school but thankfully it stopped since middle school. Since I was 3, my family life was marked by the long illnesses of two relatives (nine years the first one, almost twelve the second). My parents had a marital crisis when I was 14 but they are taking the steps to divorce only now. I recognize that I've always preferred concrete and rational (or at least intellectual) challenges to emotional ones. I went through high school and university with top grades and in my free time I do some volunteering (blood donation and organization of town activities). I have more than one circle of friends, in which I'm inevitably "the reliable one", "the Spock".

I don't know whether the following details can be useful or not, but I'll sort them out and see if there is any pattern:
- I'm not in a relation and I've never had a strong desire for one, even if I know that I would work to make a couple stable if I was in one.
- Sex has no appeal to me; I thought of myself as a late bloomer when it came to attraction (even if my development through puberty was completely in the norm) but it never concretized into anything.
- I've only had a handful of dreams that I can remember in my whole life.
- I recognize stressful situations mainly by the physical symptoms that they cause to me: stomach pain, skin rash, sore throat.
- The actual burden of those situations usually comes delayed, rarely in a big load of anxiety that causes a panic attack, more often by dragging itself during the following days.
- Bursts of emotions from other people are one of the things that upset me the most. They tend to make me freeze on the spot.
- I have a hard time reading facial clues, and I've been told that I sometimes I mimic the expression of the person that is talking to me.

I hope to have a good time on the forum and to be as helpful as I can be.

16.03.2019 by Will1234


I’m Will, you have literally just come to the forum after an apocalypse nobody else is left, just me. An Alexithymic autistic who has literally just finished talking to jute who hung me out to dry after many intense discussion.

If you want to talk i’m All ears and though only a teen I’m not a pikey just an average guy.?


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