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I feel like I see things brigther than everyone else
15.05.2019 by 39

I see things more beautiful, I see a whole. I do not know my own heart. What is happiness? When people talk about happiness, the only thing I can think of is an unreality based on a lie. I feel no luck in things, I sense joy. Things that are and things that have been, have always been so. My mind is imbalance, I can no longer control my thoughts, the only thing that controls me is the gloomy cold self that I do not understand anymore.

I've never before been able to manage myself, I now only express my self through particular music. Its the only thing that has ever been real to me, everything has just been there, around me. I feel like a ghost walking through walls, just floating through time with no true purpose. Im not here and I've never been here.

Im starting to isolate myself more and more, soon I'll be gone.

What is the purpose?

21.05.2019 by Will1234

Are u still on because it’s like an apocalypse here.

12.07.2019 by Tony_Sandy

To see is what frees you of emotions. Watch a film on TV, then watch it without sound. Does it have any emotional impact, without sound to tell you how to react? Emotion is tuned into sound as intellect is into vision.

12.07.2019 by Tony_Sandy

You see the truth but hear the lie is one of my observations

12.07.2019 by Tony_Sandy

Do the deaf feel emotions or are they like us, if I am right about sound and emotion?

22.08.2019 by Dat_Guy

yall lucky u feel this, the only thing I got is laughing. I act just to fit in, I lie to manipulate, I see when someone's lying, I sense when someone sad or depressed. I got good at reading people but didnt care much about how I feel, my mom called me a cold monster just cuz I didn't cry or feel anything at my grand dad's death. all I think is about my success and well being which makes ne the asshole of the society.


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