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Alexithymia and aesthetics
25.07.2019 by Navjot_Singh

I am unable to appreciate aesthetics.i usually can't tell if I look beautiful or ugly.i don't have any dressing sense. I have no sense of what should I wear.I usually can't feel beautiful about anything.

11.02.2020 by Fish

I'm not sure if that is a question or how to answer it but I can give a personal response. As a typical male, I don't really understand getting dressed up, but I do have visual preferences for symmetry and asymmetry in nature. If I were talking on any other form, I would say that you're probably beautiful if you're not sure. I think that I understand that you want to feel beautiful and be able to look a certain way toward others. I'm not sure that a sense of beauty is actually an emotion but rather a combination of preferences. I know that issues identifying emotions can make it hard to have preferences. I see the challenge here especially because this not the kind of thing that would give a strong reaction that you might be able to pick up on.

You can find something beautiful for its functional reasons or based on the preferences of others. Try buying or combining some clothes into an ensemble that you can compare to a catalogue or have approved by someone else, this way you don't have to think about it.

Maybe what you truly lack is the feeling of pride (a wild guess). If you're having issues with self-esteem I would try and focus on that feeling in whatever way you are sensing it (this is what I would do). If you find that you feel better wearing one thing over the other just wear the ones that feel best most often, call it your lucky outfit. I honestly can't say why I like the look of somethings over others but if you like something that's how that thing should be. If it works it works. Maybe you're just not into that kind of thing and that's fine too.

I think I may relate in part in that I don't identify with my own face, and I tend to find things beautiful that other people do not. Anyway, I hope you can find something in there that helps.

04.03.2020 by Diezell

I don't think that has anything to do with alexithymia? Being able to tell what's attractive is not an emotion, it's intuition. I can tell easily what clothes I find most attractive.


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