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My Experience - 16 with a Score of 154
19.09.2019 by Kat22

I got 154 and I am 16 (female). I have never been able to understand nor "get" my or anyone else's emotions. That's not to say I don't feel them, I do. I just don't "get" them. When others express emotions lightly I never know what they are. If someone is crying it automatically connects with sad and even then I don't know what to do. I tend to think very logically so it bothers me that I can't always chalk emotions up logically. My mother, as well as my two younger sisters, are very emotional and don't understand how I don't understand. I recently found out about Alexithymia (while trying to research some emotions). I do not think that my mother would be very accepting if I were to bring the idea to her. I am sure there is so much more to add but I don't know where to start.

07.10.2019 _T('by') SamTheMan

Male 26 with 123. That is after ~2 months of therapy, which has helped me a lot. The score would have been a LOT higher 2 months ago. I experienced what you are describing a lot, only in my family, we don't talk about our feelings. Almost at all. Been dragging that almost all my life and had no idea what was going on. I had a really hard time lately and that's why i went to the therapist. Maybe something you might want to try. Mom may be understanding if it involves a professional.
Thank sweet baby Jesus, i feel good now. Although i do often feel bad too. But I feel.
Btw, at the moment I'm probably the most emotional in our family. I guess it's a phase of discovering those feelings and learning to work with them.

30.05.2020 _T('by') Ajai_Nandha

Male 20 with 154...I am in the exact situation of youuu..I don't know what to do..May be if you wish we could discuss on what it feels like..

02.06.2020 _T('by') User71934P81

I am 16, male, same score and think the same reaction would happen if I brought it up. I only experience genuine joy and annoyance. I haven't felt sad or stressed for years which I suppose is a good thing, however it appears to me that I am different to everyone else in a negative situation. Love never even existed, I watch my friends go off with girlfriends, however I haven't ever felt attracted to anyone and I don't truly even love my family. I view it all as pointless. I find it easier to appear "normal" by just copying others reactions. I am described by others as extremely "blunt" as I don't bother with being "insulted" and I haven't the first clue when it comes to sarcasm. On top of that, i also have misophonia and feel a moderate amount of pain from eating noises, because of this I tend to be alone at lunches because a couple of minutes of this can cause pain for a couple of hours, this leads me to just avoid people more. I also don't know if it is related but I don't dream, I usually just do some complex questions that I didn't have time to do in the day and don't lose consciousness like you are supposed to, so you can move to your subconscious and actually dream. Not a clue what to do and I don't even know if this is what I have. Hopefully this helps someone understand the condition better because I don't have a clue.