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I didn't cry at my father's or my grandmother's funeral - 157 TEST
27.10.2019 by Phelyxx

Also when I kiss a girl I don't feel anything, I tried many times to fake my emotions and see what it feels, but now those girls tell me that I'm so cold, uninterested. I didn't even remember in my daily life a girl which could be my girlfriend, I already kissed her, but I don't feel any desire for being with her or going out. I love talking about intellectual things, but when someone asks me something emotional, there is no response but a logical one.

In my father's funeral, I cried zero, I tought "At the end everybody dies". I saw him dying in the hospital, my mom encouraged me to tell him words in his ears like "I am going to be a good person in the future" "I love you so much, you are the best father", but I didn't because I felt 0 necessity. All people in the room were impressed. For me I was a neutral spectator, and don't confuse, I appreciated my father a lot. He wasn't emotional, too, however he was obviously in love with my mom and a great father.

I had a sort of social anxiety because I wasn't able to connect with other people, also I wasn't motivated for doing that because of my emotions, but after reading some books of social anxiety, my value as a person, the importance of being social, I am less shy right now. I can do presentations and talk to a girl with ease.

What should I do? My test results are 157, and here in Colombia I suppose there isn't any professional on this. Despite, why trying to cure this? I mean, I don't feel bad being a loner and not having a couple. Thanks

13.12.2019 by User96835C83

Hi, sorry for your loss! I completely understand what you mean. I've lost loved ones and never cried, and the not feeling anything with girls. I'm 59 and as far as I know I've never felt feelings, I don't even get the physical ques from my body. Being a loner can sometimes be a good thing! I hope you get what ever you are looking for.

10.02.2021 by User14503F74

I don't cry very much either. My only really readily identifiable emotions are anger, boredom, and amusement. Death of a parent or friend doesn't really fall under those categories, besides maybe the actual funeral. "This is boring" and "I need amusement" is as close as it gets for me. That's not my person in that box. It's their shell. Like a Russian nesting doll. A flesh box inside a coffin inside a building. Nobody understood me growing up and most don't now as an adult.


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