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Sense of pain
13.11.2019 by Dread

I'm a newbie and learned that I have alexi very recently. My test result was 171 (I'm not sure about the score level though). Funny thing is , I'm 41 and married for ten years and have a 5 year old daughter. Until this time I hadn't understand why the people around me have lots of traumas and dramas regarding their feelings (which I like call senses) , which seems that it was dramas it was a way of life.
During a couple therapy , our therapist hinted that I have not have the sense of feelings that other people has. I couldn't relate to the questions about feelings and emotions, all for me was just "fine" and "not just so fine".
As many of you have , I have also strange pains , shivers and physical reactions which I can't really distinguish from the real physical pain. The best way for me to identify the physical pain is I don't actually sense the pain. I can't feel the pain by cuts, bruises, burns and bumps , unless I see my blood and other visual symptomps. I've been diagnosed with pneumonia 6 years which I didn't sense any abnormality except coughing and it was in the way of tuberculosis. Last year accidentally cut my finger to the tendon and didn't feel anything until my wife warned me and took me to the hospital.
Did you have any similar experience? What may be the root cause for this ? Autism or any other thoughts?


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