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I feel nothing except for other people's emotions
16.12.2019 by Minerd

I scored a 135 on the test, and I am on the autistic spectrum. It's hard to tell whether my alexithymia is due to the autism or because of childhood trauma. Either way, I don't feel much at all. The only thing I notice is that when I see someone else crying, I automatically cry. It's like I'm mirroring what they are feeling. It's not really my own feeling, it's just like I can sense their sadness and it projects on to me. Does anyone else do this?

I will also cry at stuff on the tv, but otherwise I'm pretty emotionless. I can mask well however, and most people are unaware of this. I just recently started watching the tv show 'Dexter' and completely identified with the main character, who I think has alexithymia (I don't identify with wanting to kill however!). Has anyone else watched the show?

21.12.2019 by tilmongaddyjr

i feel the exact same way. a lot of times i see a point in time where there should be some type of emotions involved and honestly i have nothing to give. i have to tell myself, this is sad. you should be crying. i honestly have nothing

01.04.2021 by User57001D75

Yeah, I can relate to others emotions sometimes. Like for exemple, when my uncle died I wasn't sad, but I got touched and became a bit sad when I saw my aunt crying. The only time in life I cried was when I read a book that really touched me. Sometimes a TV show can make a single tear drop off my eye, but that's it.