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Have a good description of emotions for my self assesment?
11.02.2020 by Fish

I'm not sure exactly where I stand on the scale of alexithymia. I can't help but feel that I am both capable of deceiving myself into thinking I experinece these emotions and also into expecting more where there is nothing more. How do Alexi (as I have seen it writen) show expressions? I do so as an invaulentary act which is normal when in response to one's own emotion I would imagin. It seems more to me that I am mirroring another person's face and if they are not smiling it puts me off and I then have to forcemyself to. I think this makes me quite sociable when one on one and for a short time but I generally like to keep to myself. Does anybody else relate? I digress. It would be useful to see how someone similar to me describes what the non-Alexi experince is like.

Plus also wondering if anyone has an issue with the description that they cannot put words to emotions. With enough context I can find the definition and use of anyword, I just don't know if I can be entirely accurate when using emotion words for myself. I can say that I am frustrated because of a low grade on a test or something because I know that's how the word is used, whether or not I'm being honest who can know?

Feel free to only answer one question... or none at all. Thanks for any help (although I wouldn't feel grateful, ha!).


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