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The bodily teaction not matching the state of mind
20.03.2020 by ConfusedByReactions


I am 15 and today I discovered Alexithymia, some struggles of people with this trait are somewhat similar to mine.
I can feel all of the emotions people are talking about, but for the past week I am starting to suspect there is something I can't call or feel but still affects the reactions of my body.

Ever since I remember I had a reaction of crying at a slightest inconviniance, the wierd thing about this is I never felt any emotion during or before the crying episotes,

I cry, my voice is shakey, my body reacts like in some great distress, but My mind is in a perfectly fine state, distant from the reaction. Whenever I try to explain what I am feeling during an attack like this, the reaction worsens, while thoughts and mind are in the state of ready to explain that I know I schould not cry because of the inconviniance and I feel stressless, despite my bodys reaction which I do not controll.

My mom says that that is becayse I bottle up my emotions, but I do not feel anything that could cause a reaction like this.

The reactions happen usualy when someone is critisizeing me, I am under pressure or too stressed.

I would be happy to have some advice from you guys, and do you also expiriance deatachment from the body reaction?

27.06.2020 by isthisme

hey. I visited this forum hoping for some insight, but you're the second post I've come across that hasn't had a response in over a month. That's not very promising. However, I do have the same reaction to stress, or when I've made a mistake, or when i'm angry. I cry. now that I'm writing this it just occurred to me that it might be a developed response over situations I did not know how to react to, but I needed to react to because the other person was so visibly upset. I can read emotions I just can't feel them. which makes me wonder why I cry. Also, I laugh at things that are apparently funny to me even though I feel nothing on the inside. All of my reactions are physiological, none of them are truly emotional. unfortunately, I don't have any advice except to maybe see a therapist? Find out if this is hereditary or learned on your behalf. Good luck

30.06.2020 by User70762L74

Hi, I live with the same problem that you just described. After a lot of thinking I came to the conclusion that I cry because I don't really understand what I'm feeling at that moment, so I get frustrated by it. But if I'm being honest, I can't be really sure of that conclusion bc I've never met someone else with these condition to compare reactions.


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