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Can Alexithymia affect the desire to eat?
05.04.2020 by Zechariah_-

I’ve recently learned about Alexithymia and felt like it perfectly described what I was going through, and grew more curious about it as I read more and more about other’s experiences. I wanted to know if it could be a cause of decreased hunger, or other bodily functions, if any aside from explaining or understanding emotions.

28.04.2020 by Fish

"Alexithymia: A general deficit of interoception" Yes, part of alexithymia is an interruption of interception. This meaning hunger, thirst, the desire to excrete, sexual urges, the general feeling of internal temperature and more can all be muted. I personally find that I often do not eat or drink enough because I simply feel no need. The size of my bladder is the only thing that changed since I used to pee myself as a not so young child. I'm also methodical in remembering when to poop. TMI maybe, I hope it helps.

22.06.2020 by User25660N61

I always as a younger person thought of food as just energy. Just a thing to do because i have to keep my body in good condition. It was always logical. Like, I need protein, veggies, and fruit. That was all I thought. I didnt eat for pleasure. For 2 years a while back I became addicted to Pork Ramen Noodles though. I dont know if this is relevant. I would eat nothing but pork noodles. It was the only thing that tastes so good and that didnt make me nauseas while eating or thinking about. It was literally insane. I dont know why?


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