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I actually cry a lot
07.04.2020 by User70762L74

First of all, i'm sorry if i write in the wrong way, english ain't my birth language and I'm still learning.
I've read that people with alexithymia don't cry that often.
I'm almost absolutely sure that I have alexithymia, because I share pretty much all the symptoms, but there's something different. I cry all the time, in every single situation, and after a lot of thinking, I believe that I cry because I can't understand my feelings and emotions when I face a situation with other people, and that might be the way to let it go for me.
But I don't know if I'm the only one with this crying problem, I would really like to know if there's somebody else like me.

15.04.2020 by User74504G85

I feel similar because I cry all the time. Mostly I cry because I am angry and overwhelmed, or because of the past and I make myself cry with music because feeling my past is the only way to feel anything at all. I am sure I either have alexithymia or bipolar 2 disorder but i am unsure of how to figure out if my thinking is wrong or right. After this social distancing I am going to therapy to try and work out my feelings.


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