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Is it emotional blindness or mild psychopathy?
05.05.2020 by Radu_Nicolaev_Malaxa

TL;DR: My emotions are very toned down, I don’t feel much on a daily basis, but I can read emotions very well in other people and know how to respons to them. I am also not bothered by this, as I can make rational decisions without emotions interfering.

Hi there. I’ve been reffered to this community by my girlfriend after a fight. Basically I told her a “funny story” that just now, years later, after she pointed it out, I realise was a mistake and that I did both something stupid and something wrong that could have harmed other people.

And while I agree and understand what my mistake was, and I have also matured since then and would not do it again, I cannot feel any guilt or remorse. I’m not proud either. And basically that’s my problem. At most times I tend to feel nothing, or generally speaking my emotions are very toned down.

For instance I had a flatmate last year who would usually ask me every now and then “How are you?”, and I was always like “meh”. When she would follow up with “What does that mean? Are you happy? Are you sad?” I always replied “I’m just neutral”, because that’s honestly how I felt. It was just a regular day where nothing out of the ordinary happened so I was just neutral, seemed very normal to me. But she just couldn’t wrap her head around the idea of being neutral.

Up untill this point I guess I could be characterised as suffering (or being blessed) with emotional blindness. I did the test btw, got a 102. Where I am different, though, is that I can understand emotions. I can read them with high accuracy in other people, know what they mean and how to respond to them and am generally a social person. I can comfort people very well without having the faintest idea how it feels to be that sad, but just by knowing what to say to make “people who are sad” happier.

I also don’t really care about emotions and see my condition as an advantage, as I can make the most rational decision in most cases and not be overwhelmed by emotions.

Thank you for reading and am looking forward to reading you stories and comparing them to mine!


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