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They just don't get it...
12.09.2020 by _User_

I don't know if I have this condition...but today there was an incident...people kept asking me about my feeling about things....I do feel...but I just can't say anything except for Idk or wrong feelings which make people think that I'm another person.
It's really annoying...when other people clarify the stuff I'm tryna say...there's a relief inside...then they question why did u say that in the first place and then I freak out and explain an awful,nonsense explanation...which makes things worse
If someone knows that feeling plz tell me
Note:I express my feelings better using English rather than my mother tongue...which is really bizarre

13.09.2020 by User30352C20

This is such a relief to find people struggling too. I felt I was weird, dysfonctional, because i was f****** enable to identify what emotion i was feeling. I mean, people don't understand it's not that i don't want to say what i feel it's because i don't know myself! And they push, and insist until i give them someting even if i know it's inaccurate.
I want to be able to identify them, i struggle to but i just can't.
I've just discovered that this was actually a real condition... feels good to know i'm not alone.