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Just found out
14.10.2020 by User84707F55

I’m very overwhelmed as the partner of someone who came out and told me he has this. I couldn’t wrap my head around it because I’m a highly sensitive person/empath so I feel a lot of emotion all the tine. He wants to work on this with me. I got very upset at a lot of the realizations of what my life will be like. He is going to answer any questions I have and give me any info he can.
As I obsessively read about this my anxious mind has a lot of questions. First if you’ve stayed with your partner and you both work on things are you satisfied? I don’t know how to act now that I know we will never have a emotional connection and I think that is a pretty important thing to have. I love him but I need to be happy too.
Also he says he loves me and says it often. I’m trying to figure out how he was able to say that so fast. He shows it everyday though. We also live together and he is the one to set it up.
I believe this is going to be a really hard road I’d say for us I’m trying to go slow before hitting him up with questions so I appreciate your help. I also believe this is happening for a reason so I’m willing to try since he is as well.


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