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11.12.2020 by User52540A33

I got 157 in the test. I dont know if I really have it, just guiding my self through the test.
I feel for one side reliefed, because I was thinking for a long time that I was a psycopath.
I really dont want to search for medical help, I dont thing I'm embaressed or something around that, but I simply dont know why I dont want, is it normal?
I think this is been the main cause of why my relationships didnt work out all of them got finished because they feel me far away emotionally. Can I do something to improve that? Because I met a girl and I don´t know what I feel for her, I feel like I might like her but I think I dont know what it is like liking someone. Sometimes I think about her but I don´t know really what I feel for her (as im writting this im getting a bit frustrated), because how dont I know if I like someone or not???? Continuing... she has been helping me kind off, with this. And sometimes I feel like I apreciate it but cant show it to her, but then I dont know if really like the help she is giving me.
Sorry if I didnt make any sense, I just have so many thoughts that is hard to keep track of all of them .
Sorry again if I gave any ortographic erros, but Im English isnt the language we speak here.


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Alexithymia - emotional blindness - is a personality trait characterized by the inability to identify and describe emotions in the self. Core characteristics of alexithymia are marked dysfunction in emotional awareness, social attachment, and interpersonal relationship.
Alexithymia is prevalent in approximately 10% of the general population and is known to be comorbid with a number of psychiatric conditions. Due the inability to cope with feelings and emotions as described in psychology there are counseling services to establish mental health.
Psychologist have argued that the alexithymia construct is strongly related to the concepts of psychological mindedness and emotional intelligence.
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