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Alexithymia and chronic physical pain
01.02.2021 by User35448C33

Anyone else out there who is Alexithymic, and has chronic pain, like fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue syndrome? Or know any information on the subject connecting the two?

01.06.2021 _T('by') User57097L50

Hi there,
I recently learned I have family history and my grandfather (mom’s side) WWII vet out of the blue says he “had to get Vit B shots real regular while in the service” and that his dad may have had a similar problem.
B is an important part of the myelin sheathing nerves rely on to conduct properly, genetics may play a role too as the body’s ability to utilize Vitamins relies on a Methylation gene.
As well we’re white Midwestern so Irish Scotch German or Swede, very low Vit D, CFS, IBS, carpal, Fibromyalgia seem very prevalent on mother’s side back to her mom so both matrilineal parents may have had severe vitamin deficiencies, worth looking into and good luck