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I don't know if I have Alexithymia, help?
26.04.2021 by User28748L42

I recently learned about Alexithymia, and I think I might have it. I act really happy most of the time, and everyone says I'm kind and friendly, but I really don't feel anything. I'm just faking all of my emotions, and it seems like I'm reacting normally but it's as if someone else is making me say and react that way, because I don't feel anything. I don't know if I have Alexithymia or not, and if anyone has any input I would appreciate it.

29.04.2021 by Milkbad


More information is needed for me to have an idea of what you might be experiencing (I am no expert).

Try to post more information about daily interactions in social situations and when you experience emotional stimuli around friends, people at work, superiors, family etc.

Describe how you feel when you wake up in the morning and describe how it feels to eat your favorite meal.

03.06.2021 by Alexej

Try reading this

also follow the links - see if this helps


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