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Emotions are a guessing game
17.05.2021 by Tesmo

I thought I was a very frustrated person, but in the light of discovering what alexithymia is, I realised I've been wrongly labelling plenty of experiences as frustration for a lack of understanding
It takes other people pointing out my own reactions and how I am probably feeling for me to consider that maybe I'm not frustrated but excited or something
Do/did you have a go-to emotion that you label most of your experiences with?

26.01.2022 by RatBaby

Not sure if it counts, But since childhood i would cry. if i feel an overwhelming emotion, i cry. Even when its a situation im not sad about. or mad. I just cry. so much. or shed some tears. the trembling voice. it can be embarrasing when its in a public place and theres nothing.. emotionally upsetting to the others around but im tearing up.

29.01.2022 by Alexej

I have noticed that I dont really feel joy, but I do "get" sadness. If something is sad I can feel that, but so many of the other feelings pass me by.