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New here
29.06.2021 by tetris290

Hey everyone,

I'm new on this site. I discovered Alexithymia by accident a few weeks ago and after reading some wikipedia articles lol, i took the quiz. I was surprised to score so high but when I thought about it it made more sense. I've always been more relaxed, cool and collected. or that's how people describe me at least. I've had problems with emotions before and have been called cold. Sometimes its really hard to imagine how other people feel. I struggle with describing my feelings as well, like i just can't form the right words. It's interesting to see that other people share these qualities and to find out I'm not as weird as i thought i was. feel free to describe your experiences as well, id love to know more about the people here.

30.06.2021 by Alexej

Hi @Tetris290

Good to see you have found this site.
It is not the most dynamic of sites so please be patient. There are people around here.