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26.07.2021 by User67177O49

my emotions are very dampened all the time, and usually i can only feel frustration and anger that i cant experience the things other people do. i upset people and dont understand why they feel that way, and i cant really talk about any sort of problem without thinking about it in the most logical sense.
i understand when things are good and bad but the lines blur when its to do with something i actually have to face. does anyone else have this problem?

27.07.2021 by Alexej

Yes I think a number of people in here would share some of the things you are describing.

However, I would ask if this is something you have always had or something that has developed recently?

09.08.2021 by User67177O49

its definitely always been like this for me; i don't think i can ever recall a time that i could feel things clearly.
thanks for the response!