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A bit skeptical about the test
13.09.2021 by User74524A85

Hello. I just found out about alexithymia. I'm thirteen and it popped up in my youtube recommended. This is a throwaway account because I'd rather not my parents know since I don't know how they'd feel about it. I got a 155 on the test, but I'm a bit skeptical. Is there any credibility to it?

16.09.2021 by Alexej

I would not put too much store by one test.
You might want to take the test a couple of times and if you consistently get similar results, you could try to talk to your parents or maybe there is someone at school who could help you make sense of what you sense is going on for you.

Try reading a bit more about alexithymia and see if it fits you

06.10.2021 by Ash-

I took the test twice, and the second time I scored a 121. I have a therapist, but I don't know the next time we can talk. I want to be evaluated with a better test, but I don't know where to find one, and I would like to talk to my doctor about it, but I don't think my mom would understand. Even before this, I tried to explain to her that I couldn't feel normal emotions; and she seemed really confused. What should I do?

06.10.2021 by Alexej

try these

google TAS 20 and follow the trail.