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I can feel (?) emotions (possible alexithymia) I scored high
06.10.2021 by Ash-

So, I have trouble explaining this, because I don't if people will be able to make sense of this. I'm a 16 year old girl who has non-severe PTSD and I also have ADHD. I'm also probably depressed, but I'm not sure since I can't really feel emotions in my head. I can feel stress and anxiety physically because of the heart clenching and hand shaking, but I can't feel happiness or sadness (unless I cry) I'm a very emotional person though. I laugh and make jokes. I cry to some sad movies. I love music, writing, and coloring. I'm not as good at drawing though. I cry easily too. When I'm thankful to a certain degree, I'll start crying for no reason. Sometimes, I don't know what I'm feeling until I put it into words (mostly sad things) and then I break out crying for no reason. Other times, I start crying for "no reason". I put that in quotes because I don't know if there's a reason or not. I've started to answer people with an "I'm doing good!" because I don't want to explain that I don't know how I feel. Recently though, I've been opening up to my friends and they are reacting well. I feel like I'm better with emotions because I love reading and I'm able to connect their emotions to how I act. I've caught myself copying how other people act (their tones in voice, how they use body language, how they talk, etc.) I don't know if this is Alexithymia, so, can someone please tell me?

06.10.2021 by Ash-

I scored a 121, sorry. I should've said that at first.