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About not being able to be in a group or friends for too long
26.01.2022 by User3c782H9c

Hello. (Apologies for my english if any mistakes are made)

I am not diagnosed by specialist. Scored 147. And I feel incredibly related to most of the forum topics.
I am able to verbalize and understand my emotions. (Or at least I think I can) I cannot understand others emotions or emotional responses and actions from others. If I try to, my mind gets fuzzy, confused, I have no idea of what where, nothing.
I am 31, through life I had many friends and groups of friends. But most of the time as the friendship to a person or group grows I somehow get really exhausted of it and just ran away from it (Cut communications, avoid meeting). Specially when a friendship with one person got stronger I would be really unconfortable with it. And then never meet again.
Through reading other experiences here, it makes sense to me that actually I do not really understand my emotions or there are still emotions I cannot comprehend. Also linked to strange physical feelings I have. Those emotions might have built something that was too much for me to handle in past relationships.

I have not read something related to this here. Does anyone ever ran away like this? Any tips on not allowing these "unknown emotions" to come to the point of overflowing while building a friendship?

23.02.2022 by Darek

Hi there. Are these friends that you ran away from, or people with whom there was potential for a relationship?