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Scored 154
03.05.2022 by AWinters

I got a very high score, but I should declare that I have ADHD, which is known for skewing data.
Is Alexi a form of emotional dysregulation?
I definitely have very high emotions, but they're not all there when they should be either.

Here's some of my emotional confusions:

I have problems forming emotional connections, but I constantly fear for the safety of loved ones.
I don't cry with happiness, never have.
If I get up a stage I won't stop shaking, but I don't feel anything either.
If I'm responsible for someone else's sadness, I'll involuntarily produce tears that I try to fight back, but without feeling.

I suffer with Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria and I wonder if it's connected.

I don't cry when watching movies, but I can find sad scenes very traumatic. When a scene gets to me, it stays with me forever.

15.07.2022 by User84233M77

yeah its a form of emotional dys, but i'm not all too sure about what some of your experiences line up to be. i dont think youd be able to recongnize fear and nervousness all too easily, unless you do, in which case - congratulations, youve cracked the code. although you sound like you have it, everyone is different, theres more illnesses, and at the end of the day it's not too big of a deal i guess. hope this helped at all.