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Emotionless, careless, everything less tbh
18.05.2022 by JD1995

As I was about to start I read the top of the Web page and it says emotionalblindess and that's nailed it for me. Numb, blind, to just about everything in life. I either feel nothing, or anger, there is no in-between. After about a year of being so confused about what's going on inside my brain, I think alexithymia finally makes me understand a bit more. But how do I fix it? The Internet just goes on about get help and talk to people. I csnt talk to people in person because I just get a mental block of what I really want to say. It won't be til the conversation is gone and I start overthinking that I actually think of what I should have said. I csnt afford therapy, I can't talk to my Mrs, nd I guess that's why I'm here. Hopefully to talk to people in similar situations and how they've coped with this. I'm nearly at my wits end with feeling like this and just don't know where to turn.
Anybody reading this and relating, please comment, id love to have a conversation with someone who isn't going to turn it onto them all the time (my mates)

19.05.2022 by Alexej

Hi @JD1995

This forum is not really that active so if you want a bit of chat here you can. I am on and although alexithymia is known there, it is in the context of autism (where it is often - but not exclusively found).

As I read your post I am struck by the phrase "how do I fix it". For me, as an autistic person I have accepted alexi as part of how I am. It is not something that can be fixed as such. That may, of course, not be the case for you, but is my experience and perspective.

I recognise the aspect of thinking of what to say way after the meeting has ended or moved on to something else, and often realise what was going on way much later

20.08.2022 by TryingToFunction

Looks like we were born in the same year, our parents parenting style must have been the same. ?

Anyways, I was wishing their was more in this thread, because I feel this to my core. I want a strategy, skills, anything at this point to help me correct what has been done. ?