Topic: Not able to feel few emotions for no reason.

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Not able to feel few emotions for no reason.
02.06.2022 by Casually_Selected

It might be confusing, but as of late, i’ve noticed i’ve only been feeling happiness or anger. Not a physical anger, but just a short term feeling that quickly goes away. Most the time im just, honestly dont know how to put it other than blank. A bit of happiness but just clear. I just sit there listening to music and “chilling” i suppose?

The best way i can explain it, is that your in the “zone” when your working on something. Your just focused on that topic and nothing else, or autopilot. I listen to music, repeat the lyrics in my head and do nothing, load up into the next lobby of the game im playing.

When i get confronted with bad news, i just accept it, be mildly angry or just not want to do something. I never feel anything other than being blank, confused, happiness or anger.

Is this normal?

02.06.2022 by Alexej

Hi and Welcome

What you describe does not seem to be unusual for folk who are alexithymic. So in that sense it is "normal" but to be alexithymic is not everyone's experience, so many would call that "not normal"