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Questions about progress with symptoms
27.06.2022 by MichelleTTC

I appreciate this test. I just learned about this because I am trying to do a CBT Emotional awareness and ratings module and I'm just lost. I find the break down section extra fascinating because I think the areas I'm lower on the scale for are areas I have actively worked on through therapy and education. Maybe even a bit of a trauma response? For example I show no signs in problomatic intrepersonal relationships. Knowing someone's emotional state was life or death. Or at least picking up on signs and mannerisms that could lead to outbursts. As well I've spent years learning about proper empathy and communication so my mental illnesses don't cause undue harm when I'm in a relationship. Would it be possible to learn my way through 20/20 difficulties discribing feelings also? If there was a textbook on this just just told me everything I'd be much better off.

15.07.2022 by User84233M77

i have no idea, but id just pay attention to people and words they use. i mean hey, they get emotions, so why not use words they use to describe feelings that logically fit into place of any scenario or conversation?

but if that doesnt work, im sure theres some article or book out there, just gotta dig deep and find the words youre looking for. hope this helps.