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What should I do about this ?
02.08.2022 by GrimmEraexel

Hi, I just figured out I may have alexithymia. For a few years now I've been thinking I was some sort of sociopath or psychopath because I knew I was feeling emotions but couldn't identify/react with them. It's made it hard for me to keep jobs because I know when I'm frustrated, and when things get hard and I get tired of the frustration I simply quit because I don't care about the financial consequences. My questions are, how do I find someone to help me identify if I have alexithymia professionally? And what steps can I take to figure out how I feel?

15.08.2022 by Alexej

Hi GrimmEraexel

There are two questions there

finding someone to help you identify if you are alexithymic. depends on where you live very much, but also what some of diagnostic support there is locally. I have been diagnosed with ASC and alexi often occurs with ASC. However, alexi can also occur without ASC and be linked to other conditions or situations. Alexi is not a clinical diagnosable condition as such, from what I understand.

what steps can I take to figure out how I feel? Sorry - I cant help you with that one. I am learning this too and have not worked out a way through that one.