Topic: Pllease help! (Long version) marriage wrecked Primitive signaling?

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Pllease help! (Long version) marriage wrecked Primitive signaling?
18.12.2022 by User79b33p59

Obviously in the beginning everybody says honeymoon phase but I knew with her it was different I've been in numerous relationships but our connection was ridiculously close and euphoric.
We were on the couch one night talking about getting married. With her head on my chest, she looked back at me so sweet pretty and innocent... she said "promised me that you'll never stop holding me and cuddling with me. Promise me you'll always show me love"

Of course I promised her that and of course I meant it. However I thought she must have felt something different before like this has happened to her before. She had a loved her relationship when she was younger it dated after the relationship when she came to America. If you use after she keep doing the US we met and fell in love

But life's throws of us curveballs. I paid every bill I showed her how to get her credit going etc.
About a year into our marriage we were moving a chair in the living room and something from her hit me... I I recently looked this up and it seems that we have ions on our body kind of like little volcanoes that will hold one molecule of potassium sodium and I think sugar but I'm not sure. It shoots out of the body or it can be exchange through epithelial cells in the mouth.came off from her and I think it went through my nose into my receptors and my brain. I think it went into my brain, I got dizzy and I got this really almost paranormal, off-putting masculine jarring vibe. I walked away into our bedroom, looked in the mirror at myself and said "WTF WAS THAT?"
The past year I was on high doses of prednisone at 50 mg per day, My business suffered, I got depressed I became distant, cognitively I had mood changes etc.

Fast forward to August of 2022 with my daughter's birthday I was out of town working for the whole summer after a long year of my business pretty much falling apart I was on 50 mg of Prednisone per day I got depressed and distant. She said she was leaving and I lost it. I know that's a bad move anyways but what happened next was what was adorable. She packed up and left she went on a trip to visit home back in Italy for 3 weeks we talked and text everyday like nothing was wrong except for she never showed emotion and she refused all my tries to get her to come back. She came back I slept in one room she slept in another and she was running the relationship. Worried I was going to lose her and her not accepting healthy forms of reconciliation. I did a no contact and planned to do it for 30 days however four days into it I saw a change in her she was submissive. I was only home for a few days but after going through what I just went through with her. I felt disrespected so even though she was being sweet and submissive around me. I planned on doing the whole 30 days No contact. The last day I was home from work about 7 days into no contact I came out of the bathroom and she was so sweet and pretty and submissive at the sink and my gut instinct was telling me to approach her and fix this but I didn't want to fuck up the 30-day nocontact rule because they make it so clear that you can't fuck it up. When I did this I couldn't stop thinking of how I should have approached her this would fill me with remorse and regret to this day.

While on the road I checked the cameras in the house it saw that she began to pack they still kept the no contact going but this is such a mistake. When I came home I text her. Sorry I had to reset myself. She says I understand well reading books and relationship doing tons of work to try to be a better person for her I finally realized that all I had to do was approach her coach her back to the relationship because what a woman says it would a woman does are two different things and I did not know this. Since she left I tried to flirt I tried to do all the things they suggest and nothing was working. I became I didn't understand what was going on why she was doing this acting like this it's not showing me anything that she started to manipulate me where I fell down it became needy. 44 years old I beted relationships I never saw her do one shitty thing to me like betrayal mistrust nothing in which she left she had like no empathy that I was trying that I was doing all the stuff and I kid couldn't help but think she wanted me to approach her to get her to come back to show her that I did love her however she was always one campfire had to me. Sending me mixed signals changing from submissive one day and we meet up and she's tense. We went on a date she was tense the whole time My confidence was bouncing back and forth still on the prednisone at this time which just made frustrated.

A relationship has drifted so far apart when she first left to know she's working 18 hours a day to go back to her empty apartment yet says she's happy.