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Doobie trying to figure out wife
18.12.2022 by User79b33p59

After 9 months of being on high doses of prednisone like cognitive thinking and my business was hanging up by a thread. During this time I was very distant from my wife who would come down into the studio and kiss me every night basically begging me to come to bed cuddle with her and just be there for her like a normal husband. However I don't know if it was the medicine or what I felt like I had to stay away from her like a force is keeping me from her. Shortly after she stated that she was starting to lose feelings for me I did the wrong thing by acting like a pansy and chasing her she then left I think all I had to do was show her that I loved her like literally approach her but she was so in her masculine I didn't know how to break her out of it I began to read books do my homework etc to be better at our marriage. When I felt like I was losing her I panicked I bought a program get your ex back where you do 30 days of no contact. I work on the road so because I wasn't getting respect I cut off contact within 4 days I came home she was acting submissive totally different from how she was before I thought it was a trick or something so I ignored her the last day before I left for the road I came out of the bathroom and she looks so sweet and innocent next to the sink. My gut was telling me to approach her and mend our relationship. Like a douche I did not do it and she ended up moving out that week while I was on the road. Since she left I'm not been able to get her to relax around me she started to manipulate me I didn't know what the hell was going on.. so I read more books and took classes I know that as soon as I get her back I can be everything she needs providing her with everything but I just couldn't stop thinking that maybe I was being manipulated which if I googled it that's exactly what happened. However was the perfect person to me the whole relationship and I couldn't believe this was who she was I then tried to get her to talk about anything emotional anything was feeling she would resist completely from the time she left until now we have drifted so far apart and I'm getting ready to file for divorce because she refuses to cut me any slack she mentions only negative things from our relationship in our relationship is pretty great except for the last year when she left it felt like she had no empathy at all which I thought was toxic I went to her apartment last week so frustrated so mad until that we have to start getting this turned around and she goes I don't love you anymore and I go she was why don't you believe me I go because you're actions show that you love me you are obviously confused I've never seen you look like this or act like this I can feel your heartbeat when you come into the room. Doesn't see the girls anymore it's like she's fallen into this like abyss of emptiness. So I don't know what is going on with us but it's not normal. How do I get her to start getting this to go the other direction a positive direction? What do I have to do? It's like she shut down completely will not even budge should I try to like tickle her or touch her in a way that shows