Topic: How to figure out what you enjoy? How to enjoy things in the first place?

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How to figure out what you enjoy? How to enjoy things in the first place?
10.05.2023 by q_salis

[Asking for another]
How does one figure out what they want and like?
If the overwhelming experience is they don't like anything, don't want anything, including being alive, how to find meaning and contentment in life?

Any advice appreciated

16.05.2023 by NewAlexi16-05-23

hi, im new here, and just noticed i have some of the triats of alexithymia very strongly.
but been aware of my struggles with emotions for over 20 years.
the "including being alive" also sound familiar and very serious, for me it was my cat that gave me the stimuli to keep functioning. what im trying to say is that in my darkest hours i kept going not for myself but for something (external) that needed me.
for me it was meditation (vipassana) that turned the emotional dam into a partly controllable flood gate.
for the rest its hard to think of a answer without knowing more about you/relation/they

ps. im not native English

20.07.2023 by Lunt

The way I tell if something is enjoying me is by repeating it regularly and frequently, and if after a while (usually a week or a few weeks) I get bored and feel meaningless, I know I'm not enjoying it. Because life is pretty boring most of the time, especially when I repeat a lot of things that don't interest me, a strong sense of life's meaninglessness hits me, and I have a negative attitude towards being alive, which is easier distinguish.

I know that this approach is not always good for my mental health, so I often use positive psychological suggestions to regulate myself in my daily life.

Although I have trouble getting out of my comfort zone, I'm actually open to new things, new things sometimes give me meaning in life. I think experience and interest are the meaning of life, and I tend to find a balance between repeating interests and seeking new experiences.