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Scientific papers
13.12.2013 by bbanner

I have plenty of interesting papers on the topic of alexithymia, but I cannot share links because they are from journals without open access. Is it possible for the forum to enable the options of attachments, so I can upload them?

Other places to upload
14.12.2013 by Promethean

Try one of: (username: Genesis password: upload)

Scientific Papers
12.08.2014 by Eye

I'm new to all of this, but I have found some interesting studies and articles on the matter, though some are rather long. Not all are necessarily "scientific papers" but seem appropriate to put here.

Four decades of research on alexithymia: moving toward clinical applications

This one seems to be a combination of many findings broken down into a digestible form.

The Assessment of Alexithymia in Medical Settings: Implications for Understanding and Treating Health Problems


Alexithymia and psychotherapy: a particular challenge

The problem with seeking psychotherapy when alexithymic and how to better treat it

When a Patient Has No Story To Tell: Alexithymia

Identifying alexithymic patients may helpful when treating somatic issues

The Emotional Blindness of Alexithymia

Simple article explaining what it is and actitivites that might be helpful in treating alexithymia


It appears to be a personal webpage of collected information written by someone who is/was alexithymic

Here's one about Childhood Trauma
16.03.2015 by Franmail


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Alexithymia - emotional blindness - is a personality trait characterized by the inability to identify and describe emotions in the self. Core characteristics of alexithymia are marked dysfunction in emotional awareness, social attachment, and interpersonal relationship.
Alexithymia is prevalent in approximately 10% of the general population and is known to be comorbid with a number of psychiatric conditions. Due the inability to cope with feelings and emotions as described in psychology there are counseling services to establish mental health.
Psychologist have argued that the alexithymia construct is strongly related to the concepts of psychological mindedness and emotional intelligence.
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