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Possiblity of 'treatment'?
19.03.2014 by Magnu

Hi all, after some time of living in a non-emotional state, I came across alexithymia after my partner urged me to try and fix the 'problem', score consistently in the 140's on the test and reading the posts on this forum is like someone being inside my head.
The thing is, is it actually even possible to 'wake up' emotionally using therapy, as far as I can tell it isn't.
Have lot more to write but can't right now, good to know there's people wired the same as me though!

29.03.2014 _T('by') ttme123

Unfortunately, it seems as though there is no treatment, it's a permanent personality trait. (Unless you developed Alexi due to trauma, as some people do, in which case removing or recovering from the stress may help.) The best I've come up with is to fake emotions to please those around you, which, if you're lucky, might not seem completely pointless.

Re: help
31.03.2014 _T('by') Magnu

I guessed as much from reading all the posts on here and other sites as well as a couple of books on the subject.
This only seems to have developed into what I think is the the full blown version of alexithymia in the last few years, my marriage went seriously adrift ending in a long divorce procedure and divorce last year.
I have always been a bit 'distant' and fairly unsympathetic towards peoples plights due to not really feeling what they were feeling but the last few years this has gotten worse where now, I just am kinda numb and flat to it all.
My partner is despairing as I just can't feel what she feels, she will be getting highly emotional during some discussion about my lack of responses and all I can do is look at her and think to myself that I should be feeling something instead of absolutely nothing.
I have very few friends and have no real (perceived) need for company, am not comfortable in social situations with strangers at all due to mostly not knowing how to really interact with others and also not really being interested in others and will try and avoid these situations where possible.
More as I think of it!

additional info
17.06.2014 _T('by') ttme123

Also, I suppose I forgot about this the first time, but alexithymia is also common with people suffering from depression. In such cases, the alexithymia generally goes away with the depression.