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Just stumbled on this - finally getting some answers >>>
07.05.2014 by halfasheep

I just took the test and scored 140 - I only did it because my best mate told me I was like Tony Soprano in a lot of ways. I read a psychological profile on the character and a lot of it really hit home, then Alexithymia was given as the diagnosis - so here I am.

I find it really difficult to tell if I love my girlfriend or not, my wife left me as she felt we were going nowhere, babies leave me cold and I much prefer my cats, I get moments of spontaneous rage that go as quickly as they come, animal abuse makes me feel bad but reports of child abuse doesn't even make me blink an eye, I don't miss specific family or friends but feel alone if my cats are not around. I feel very little remorse and when people ask me how I feel I just shrug my shoulders and say "ok" as I really have no other way of describing how I feel

The only time I "feel" anything is after watching a brilliant film - they only slot into 3 categories for me, brilliant, ok, or rubbish - there's no in-between

I always thought I was just a really angry, inconsiderate person, but I have to re-evaluate my life now - how does everyone else cope? I'm in the UK and have no idea where to turn to