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Friends and relationships
15.06.2014 by Jonas83

Hi all,

I am 30 and have had only one brief relationship in my life. I have some friends, but they are no real personal friends. All my relationships are more technical, connected to activities I do in my free time. Even with my family I feel little emotional connection.

Despite this, I feel not alone. I would more describe it as resting in a 'neutral state'.
I do say for myself that I want an intimated relationship, someone to care for and share things on a daily basis. I do miss such an intimate relationship, weather it is a real good friend or an intimate relationship.

But I am afraid to start such a relationship, as I don't know how to initiate it and have trouble maintaining it.
I don't 'fall in love' like other people. If I start a relationship, it would be for rational reasons. I do even feel like I would deceive her, as I could start a relationship with almost anyone who has the right 'attributes'.
I am considering subscribing to a service that helps bringing people together, which would make it easier for me. But for above reasons, I don't know if I should...

Has anyone tips / experience who would like to share?