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For anyone studying this for a PhD or whatever....
13.03.2015 by DXS

To me, the question for a PhD thesis or whatever should be:

Is this "affliction" or trait the result of:

A. Organic (born with it)
B. The result of an injury
C. The result of emotional trauma

For me, it could be B or C. I believe it's C, but my Mom told me that when I was born, the doctor used forceps and the forceps flattened the top of my head down to my eyebrows. Mom said my head popped back into shape in two days. But I sometimes wonder if that incident caused me some sort of brain injury which wasn't initially noticeable. I was a bright kid and did well in school so no problems there..... (except History, I hated memorizing stuff that had no point to me.....)

Paid Research Opportunity
01.06.2015 by KCLresearcher


I'm studying traits of alexithymia for my Master's thesis, and I would agree with your post! If you (or anybody else reading this!) are interested in participating in some paid reserach, I would be thrilled to have you come into the lab.

I'm at King's College in London, UK and can be reached at



Wish I could....
04.06.2015 by DXS

wish I could, but I'm in the US.

13.12.2020 by Momo83

I think it's A. for my part. I could never understand or explain my own feelings ever since the time I was a child, and the way my father talked sbout his feelings, he probably had the same problem.
I'm in Norway, so participating in any research would probably only be possible online.

16.12.2020 by Milkbad


Be sure to see a professional instead of self-diagnosis.


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