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I have lots of strong feelings...
17.03.2015 by wunderkind

I just don't know what they are when they are happening. Is this the same thing?

I think it makes them worse, because people who can name their feelings earlier maybe can self soothe or figure out how to address them. I was having anxiety attacks about this time last year, and I was describing them a lot more in physical terms than emotional, stomachaches and shaking mostly, but crying is always a clue. I cry a lot - once I am crying I go "oh yeah, I must be upset" because crying is almost a symbol for sadness; it's a physical reaction that "means" an emotion - there are even emoticons with tears that mean sad. If I could notice something making me upset before that point maybe I wouldn't have to cry so much?

Sometimes my husband will tell me "you're in a good mood today" and I will respond "really? how do you know?" it will be something very obvious, like "well, you were singing, that usually means happy" huh. well, duh. I guess I am. So I don't have trouble expressing the emotions outwardly, exactly, just recognizing them, particularly naming them but also I hate making decisions (especially inconsequential ones like what to order at a restaurant) because these decisions are made based on emotion. Bigger and harder decisions might not be as difficult, if there is a logical way to determine the best course of action.

emotional decisions
18.03.2015 _T('by') DXS

In most cases, I don't have issues making emotional decisions, as long as the consequence is only to me and doesn't affect anyone else. But if it does affect someone else, then I have issues.