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I guess I just have to admitt it that I've got Alexi...
02.04.2015 by DBoss

Been having almost all the symptoms and feeling just like everyone is feeling but never knew, in short never heard the name ALEXITHYMIA until yesterday the 1st of Apr 2015 when i came across it online while carrying out a little research on circumcision. I have always been the shy introverted type, never had a serious relationship and the very first I had ended after a week cos I couldn't express my feelings that much and also wanted to seclude myself in my shell on my bed all day. The girl felt unwelcome and thought i never loved her when actually deep down in me, I loved her like no one would ever do.

Actually right now, am still short of words to express how I feel.... Anyway, just glad to know that I ain't alone in this world of ours. Love y'all...

This is coming all the way from Nigeria.

By the way, my birthday is next week Friday 10th Apr. I just wish i have people who can understand me better to celebrate with.