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Please could you share your experiences for a BBC article?
07.08.2015 by darobson


I'm a journalist from the BBC. I'm currently writing an in-depth article on the neuroscience of alexithymia, and within the piece I would also like to explore people's experiences with emotional blindness and the ways it affects their lives. For instance, I'd like to understand when you first noticed your alexithymia, how it shapes your relationships, how you cope with any difficulties it creates and how you think society could change to help cater for your needs. I've also noticed that some people say it can be a benefit in some situations, so I'd like to hear any opinions about that point of view too.

Given that alexithymia is not well-known among the general population, I want to make sure that I offer a nuanced portrait of the condition - and any help would be greatly appreciated. I understand that you may want to protect your privacy, but I can make sure you are completely anonymous within the story.

If you would like to be interviewed (either by phone, email or in person) please contact me through david.robson "at" bbc dot com. My deadline is fairly tight, so if you're interested please could you let me know within the next few days.

Best wishes,


Is this your article
21.08.2015 _T('by') mafstew

Is this article you wrote?

If yes, thank you. It brought me here.

Here's the finished article
21.08.2015 _T('by') darobson

Hi, no, that's not me. I wrote this one for the BBC

Thanks for pointing me to the other article, though - I hadn't seen that, it's interesting.

Best wishes,


Also good
21.08.2015 _T('by') mafstew

I enjoyed your article too.

Although, the opening was unusual for me. The birth of my child is the first time I really remember feeling anything significant.