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No nothing
27.08.2015 by Alex16papercut

Instead of 'just' not being able to figure out my feelings, then I'm unsure if I have any at all.
The best way to describe it is probably through a metaphor.
Imagine the world full of colours, all the colours of the rainbow just floating around, though youre sorrounded by a vail. This vail has no colour, even though it continues to swallow the colours that hits it. So you can look out through the vail, but you can't really see whats going on, on the other side. Inside this vail where you are, there is nothing. No colours, no oxygen, no air, no gravity, no nothing.

This doesn't bother me, for I don't really see it like a problem. I wish I could say that I simply don't care, but that's not the case. I don't care - if that makes any sense at all?...