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01.10.2015 by AngryAaron

Someone found me on reddit and told me about this place and where to find others of the same label.... Anyways here's what I said (minus replies), and here's the link

How many people even know what this is? How can we educate others? How would you even know if you were a sufferer?

If you're blind you'd know and so would others. Deaf, same thing. I didn't know emotions were tied to body sensations until a few months ago, and I'm almost 34.

I've suffered insane terror and anxiety during meditation and medicating because these SENSATIONS would happen. They constantly do now. With help I've kind of been able to label a few of them (which my therapist was TOTALLY against, just labels in general) but it's ALL unique. But like everything there's similarities which I obsess over.

So what have you done to spread the word? How have you educated people? Have you found others?

Side question. I get stuck A LOT now. Used to be easy, medicate, meditate, and just let go and feel. It seems harder and harder to do though once you "get it down" or have an experience or link something. Now that I am aware I feel empty, not in a bad way but I KNOW what I'm missing. Not that it's a bad thing, but feel I'm chasing the dragon basically.

Feeling empty could be the start of something great
03.10.2015 _T('by') daughter

I'm not alexi (my mother is). Feeling empty is not uncommon for non-alexis. We usually take it as a signal that it is time to do something new/challenging/interesting. Is there anything on your "bucket list"? You can start working towards experiencing/achieving one of those goals.