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I'm glad I found this site
16.01.2016 by ddddd

I was recently diagnosed with severe alexithymia while in a treatment center for 60 days.

I didn't know or understand what was wrong with me, and had never heard of alexithymia or met anyone that had ever experienced it.

I've basically had zero emotional response to anything, ever. My husband describes me as uncaring and emotionless. I never knew how to deal with any emotions and never felt quite right, so I resorted to some destructive behaviors to control some kind of feeling.

Regardless. I'm glad that I found some kind of outlet where other people also have experiences struggling with this.

You actually got diagnosed?
16.01.2016 _T('by') DXS

Where did you go for therapy? As far as I know, none of the therapists I have looked up have any experience. Are you in the US? It seems Europe is more familiar with this that the US.

yes i was diagnosed
16.01.2016 _T('by') ddddd

I am in the U.S.

I went through a series of therapists and counselors and residential treatment centers in California for the last 3 months. (long story)

As of now I have a therapist who is working with me one on one. My situation is a little different and without boring you with too many details, I was basically passed around from professional to professional until I was diagnosed. Until all of this, I had no idea what alexithymia was. Apparently it has been the cause of a lot of things in my life, from self harm, to substance abuse, etc.