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Impoverished Fantasy & Imaginal Life
23.01.2017 by SectionEight

I scored 152 on the Alexi test and I’ve also been diagnosed with Bipolar II and Schizoid Personality Disorder (SPD). Despite getting 152 on the test, I don’t have an impoverished fantasy and imaginal life. Infact it’s one of the things that people who were diagnosed with SPD (before it disappeared from the DSM-V) have strongly.

I’m a member of and this trait of having a strong fantasy life is prevelant and strong among us. To give you an example, when I walk home from work I often imagine myself in different situations (being held hostage, testify in court to win my freedom) and practice what I would say and how I would react.

Also as a prior avid gamer of Dungeon & Dragons I like to make characters and then imagine how they would react in certain situations and what they would say. Sometimes I do this so much I wonder if I should put pen to paper and try and make a cogent story.

So my question is how many Alexis out there actually have an Impoverished Fantasy & Imaginal Life? What is it like? Also many definitions of Alexi states that Alexi’s have boring routine dreams. Is this so and what are your dreams like?

14.04.2017 by tiger91

The idea is the imagination is devoid of emotions for alexithymics.

Anyway I'm far from being a daydreamer, I don't have such a fantasy life you describe, I'm more external in my focus.

Same for most of my dreams. Some of them are different though, then emotions can surface in them.

Not a great deal of imagination...
24.08.2018 by Germanguy

I hardly ever dream, maybe 5 times a year at the most. The dreams that I do have tend to be of the functional kind.

When I daydream, I usually work out how to do something, solve a problem or I design for example furniture or architectural details in my head.

I have never told a story in my life.

15.04.2020 by User87815C31

Well I would blame my impoverished fantasy life on not being able to voluntarily imagine more than this condition considering I still love to lose myself in a story. And my dreams would make awesome fantasy stories, except I tend to not remember them much, maybe a few times a year.

15.04.2020 by User74504G85

My dreams are more important to me than actual life. I count on my daydreams to get me through the day and am often asked if i'm ok because I drift off into my mind. I feel like no one else gets it. I scored high on this test and bipolar is in my family, also friends have wondered if I have these things. Please text me if you want to talk 860-501-2655. I really need someone to talk to and help me get through this weird thing we call life.

22.06.2020 by User25660N61

Well I feel like its very complex and even confuses me. I have a very active imagination in kinda the same way. I often daydream of different scenarios with myself and others in my life or even strangers. such as, If i'm on the way to see them I daydream how I'm going to drive up and enter the house and greet them and what I'll say and do and act. Just one example. I daydream doing different dream jobs and different lifestyles. I love reading and art. I can't come up with my own original story though I usually need at least some type of topic. I struggled with writing my own story in high school english and just wrote about Also I can come up with lots to paint but do not possess the gift of drawing. I can't play Minecraft because I literally get stuck on what to build for my house. I cant think of anything while my kids just go crazy and have millions of ideas. On sims i can't design the houses or the people/characters. I never understood why before now, before learning about Alexi. Now at least I know. I constantly daydream about the future like where i'll live, how i'll live, what i'll be doing for a living. But as a younger teenager I did not daydream very much and when i was even younger I basically never daydreamed unless it was about a book and everything i've read until then or a movie or tv i've watched. Also usually my dreams were never ever boring just mainly nightmares. Lately though I've been doing meditation and yoga and stopped smoking and my dreams have been quite boring. just about me living life. and before the boring but after the nightmares, well i still considered these nightmares, I would dream about losing emotional control. I hated it. It was frightening, I didnt even want to sleep. I was needy and crying and begging. Oh geez it really was the worst. well I remember I hated it, I think.


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